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Sweet Jane Lynn Cake Ball Menu

Sweet Jane Lynn cake balls are a handmade blend of cake and icing that is rolled into a ball, and dipped in a confectionery coating. Download PDF version of our Cake Ball Menu

Red Velvet Cake Ball

Red Velvet Cake Ball

Our top-seller is a decadent red velvet cake, delicately mixed with cream cheese icing. This hot little number is dipped in a beautiful coating of white chocolate. Order Now!
Quadrupal Chocolate Cake Ball

Quadruple Chocolate
Cake Ball

This intense devil’s food cake is mixed with a thick, fudge icing and chocolate pieces. It is then dunked in dark chocolate, and decorated with chocolate chips. Order Now!
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Cake Ball

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake Ball
Moist devil’s food cake is blended with an indulgent peanut butter frosting. This glorious mixture is then dipped in a smooth peanut butter coating. No wonder this satisfying flavor is such a hit. Order Now!

Vanilla Buttercream Cake Ball

Vanilla Buttermilk
Cake Ball

A delicate buttermilk cake is mixed with a delectable vanilla cream frosting. This pure delight is coated in white chocolate, and topped with an edible pearl.
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Old-Fashioned Caramel Cake Ball

Old-Fashioned Caramel Cake Ball
This old-fashioned southern cake is quite the charming treat! This sugary-sweet buttermilk cake is blended with a stovetop caramel icing. It is perfectly paired with a milk chocolate coating, then garnished with a piece of our homemade caramelized sugar.
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Italian Cream Cake Ball

Italian Creme Cake Ball
A fine dessert! Coarsely chopped pecans and coconut are baked into a moist buttermilk cake, which is accompanied by a luscious almond cream cheese frosting. This flavorful cake is dipped in a white chocolate coating, rolled in coconut, and adorned with a pecan.
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Jack Daniels Cake Ball

Tennessee Whiskey
Cake Ball

If you like drinking whiskey, try eating it! This southern cake is baked with sweet raisins and Jack Daniels® whiskey. We throw in another shot or two into our (boiled) whiskey icing. Delightfully dangerous. Order Now!
Pink Lemonade Cake Ball

Pink Lemonade
Cake Ball

This tangy, pink lemonade cake is blended together with a creamy, lemon cream cheese frosting. Freshly-grated lemon zest and hand-squeezed lemon juice make this a purely refreshing choice.
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Coffee Cake Ball
Brown sugar cake is blended with a coffee frosting made from a steaming cup of classic
roast. This sugary perk is coated in milk chocolate, then generously rolled in Heath® bar pieces.
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Chocolate Mint Cake Ball
Rich chocolate cake is blended with a mint cream cheese icing, mixed with crushed mint truffles, and coated in dark chocolate. Our dark marbleized shell is an edible work of art.
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Sweet n'Salty Cake Ball

Sweet ‘n Salty Cake Ball

A PERFECT combination. Our super-sweet butterscotch cake and icing are made from warmed butterscotch pieces. It is dipped in a thin coat of milk chocolate and then generously covered in crushed pretzel pieces. Yum! Order Now!
Carrot Cake Ball

Carrot Cake Ball
Our buttermilk carrot cake is overloaded with freshly grated carrots, coconut, walnuts and cinnamon. We then mix in an irresistible cream cheese icing, and coat it in white chocolate. Order Now!

Pop Rock Cake Ball

Pop Rocks® Cake Ball
This white chocolate buttermilk cake is blended with white chocolate icing, and it is coated in a white chocolate shell. An abundance of Pop Rocks® are then scattered throughout the inside and outside of this clever creation. A surprise in every bite! (Color of Pop Rocks® are subject to change.) Order Now!
Blueberry Pancake Cake Ball

Blueberry Pancake
Cake Ball

This breakfast-like cake is baked with fresh blueberries, and paired with a maple syrup frosting. We just gave you a good excuse to eat breakfast for dessert. Order Now!

Streusel Crumb
Cake Ball

It looks just as good as it tastes! This sour cream cake is blended with walnuts and cinnamon, then infused with a piping hot sour cream streusel. Once cooled, it is dipped in white chocolate, and then topped with homemade crumbs. Order Now!

All-American Apple Cake Ball

All-American Apple
Cake Ball

Fresh Granny Smith apples add a homestyle taste to this All-American indulgence. Our stovetop brown sugar frosting compliments the light cinnamon touch.
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Marble Cake Ball

Marble Cake Ball
Layers of colorful vanilla buttermilk cake are blended with our signature vanilla cream frosting. The multicolored interior is just as eye-catching as the spectacular marble
shell! (Colors subject to change.)
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Oatmeal Raisin Cake Ball

Oatmeal Raisin Cake Ball
Hearty oats, moist raisins &
a sugary glaze make up this
heartwarming creation. It
is delicately dipped in white
chocolate and dusted with
Portion of Proceeds to Benefit Alzheimer's Association®

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Berry Blast Cake Ball
Triple Berry Crisp
Cake Ball

Summer has arrived! Our triple berry cake is baked with an abundance of fresh raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. It is lightly sweetened with a triple berry glaze, and then filled with our homemade, oven-crisped brown sugar granola. Extra granola is generously sprinkled on top for an added crunch! Order Now!
Smores Cake Ball
S'mores Cake Ball
Graham cracker cake is baked until golden and mixed with our vanilla cream frosting. It is jam-packed with mini chocolate chips and mini marshmallows, and then coated in milk chocolate. This campfire classic is sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs and topped with a marshmallow. Order Now!

Sweet Jane Lynn is NOT a dedicated nut-free or gluten-free facility.
For custom orders, email or call 973.600.7879

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